The Harvest Grow Advantage


Harvest Grow Plant and Soil Nutrition products are specifically formulated to supply more than the Primary, Secondary and Micronutrients necessary for balanced plant nutrition, but will enhanced yields and ensure superior crop quality. These nutrients form a complete and balanced fertilizer that provide plants with everything required to successfully build strong plant structures. The base ingredients in all Harvest Grow products will promote and facilitate the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi in any growing media for improved cation-exchange capacity. This blend provides essential nutrients to all plants, along with crucial elements ready for “fixation” by the inoculated and existing beneficial bacteria in the soil. It contains plant- and mineral-derived organic acids and humates that encourage beneficial microbial activity in the root zone. Our products build nutrient rich soil and plants that mineralizes nutrients; produces nitrogen, natural antibiotics and plant growth hormones; regulates nitrogen; builds soil organic matter; suppresses soil and plant pathogens; and improves fertility, yields, and nutrient availability and uptake.

Harvest Grow products are specifically formulated to increase plant and soil health for a successful harvest. If you’re growing agriculture crops, fruits and vegetables in your garden, fruit trees or just want a beautiful green lawn and landscape, Harvest Grow will provide the essential macro and micro nutrients required to improve seeding germination, deep healthy root growth, soil fertility, organic matter, sugar flow, and increased yield . They will feed micro organisms in the soil and provide nutrients directly to the plant when applied as a foliar spray. They are safe for the environment and there is no odor. They are easy to use.

More than just fertilizer,  all our products contain multiple sources of nutrients in a form the plant can immediately absorb through the foliage and roots.  We provide a powerful combination of chelated nutrients that improve our nitrogen efficiency by a factor of 2-5 times.   We do not recommend adding additional nitrogen to our liquid products.  Because of this, our customers save money and time by knowing that what they put out on their crops, is effective, does not leach away, and they get the full benefit of what they pay for.  


More than just fertilizer, Harvest Grow is complete nutrition for the plant and the soil.