SugarFlo 5-0-1+2+2  Foliar Nutrition


SUGARFLO increases the flow of nutrients in all trees and promotes more sugar production and sweeter more nutritious harvests. Citrus, Apple, Peach, Pear, Cherry, Grape Vines and Nut Trees will all benefit from SugarFlo. Your tree will have a strong, healthy canopy that photosynthesizes nutrients effectively resulting in more sugar production. SugarFlo has all the Macro and Micronutrients essential for growing sweet, juicy and large fruit.

SUGARFLO contains essential minerals, Kelp, Humic and Fulvic acids and soluble micronutrients the plants can absorb.  SugarFlo has no odor and is safe for use around people and animals.  You can spray it throughout the growing season to keep the plant healthy and strong.  Production growers can spray it throughout most spray equipment and drip irrigation systems.  SugarFlo can be applied on all citrus trees,  fruiting crops, pine trees, hardwood trees in all soil types and climate zones.

SUGARFLO feeds the tree directly as a foliar spray. It can also be used in irrigation, pivots and aerial applications. Treat any stressed or damaged trees thoroughly to bring them back to health. A healthy tree is more resistant to disease and pests, so restore the tree health first with SugarFlo.  A foliar nutrition program may be helpful to citrus greening problems too.   A strong leaf canopy, healthy root growth and maximum sugar production will ensure your harvest will be a success. 

SUGARFLO has nitrogen in it.  We do not recommend adding additional nitrogen because the efficiency factor is approximately 3-5 times more potent.

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Convenient delivery and pick-up

We ship directly to your location in convenient recyclable 250 gallon IBC Totes equipped with a 2 inch cam lock fitting.   When you have 6 or more empty totes, we will pick them up for free.  Call us to schedule a FREE pick up.

We  also offer FREE SHIPPING  on full truckloads shipped anywhere in the continental United States.  A truckload contains 18 TOTES which is 4,500 gallons.  Our customers prefer the convenience of Totes that can be used with PIVOT irrigation systems or easily located throughout the property where the spray equipment is.  We use only new or food grate recycled Totes to ensure the quality of our product is protected.