Magnum Grow 8-0-1+2+2   Food Plot Nutrition


Magnum Grow Habitat Nutrition is a powerful combination of effective plant and soil nutrients that will grow sweeter, bigger and more nutrient rich Food Plot forage.  Use it when planting all types of food plot seed mixes.  It will help to increase seed germination rate, balance soil PH and get your plot off to a quick and strong start.  Apply it several times throughout the growing season to keep new tender shoot growth all season long.

Magnum Grow Habitat Nutrition has no bad odor!  Don’t be fooled into using other products that can actually keep wildlife away.  Magnum Grow contains all natural, feed grade ingredients that are safe to use around people and animals.   Humic Acid, Kelp, Molasses and other natural nutrients increase your food plots protein level, sugar and relative feed value (RFV).   Deer, Turkey, Pheasant and other wildlife will grow bigger and healthier.

Magnum Grow is easy to use.  Just mix with water, per label instructions, and spray it on Trees, Shrubs, berry bushes, saplings, native vegetation, food plots and even your garden.  Magnum Grow works on all types of plants and soil, all climate zones and it is safe for the environment.  Magnum Grow is serious Wildlife Habitat Nutrition!

When you are seeding and planting, spray Magnum Grow on the soil with the seed.  It will help balance pH and improve soil fertility so the roots can take hold right away for better response at germination.  When the plants are at the 6-8 inch stage or the plant has at least several fully developed leaves, apply again.  Then wait at least 4 weeks before applying again. 

There is no odor!   Wildlife may be browsing in your food plot the same day, and it is safe for the environment too.  We only use natural plant based nutrients and organic based ingredients.  We do not use fish guts, oils, or animal wastes of any kind.  Because of this you do not need to worry about other types of contamination or diseases from our products.

DO NOT ADD ADDITIONAL NITROGEN!   The nitrogen in Magnum Grow is  more potent than regular fertilizers.  Our 8-0-1 is more like a 20-0-1 because Magnum Grow has powerful chelators that improve the efficiency of the nitrogen. These chelators act like a "claw" holding the nitrogen and other nutrients in the soil so they are available to the plant.   This also helps to reduce runoff or leaching of nutrients into the environment.  These chelators capture and hold additional nutrients that are currently in the soil and releases them making them available for the plant to use.  Magnum Grow is truly powerful plant and soil nutrition that is bio based and safe for the environment.

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We  also offer FREE SHIPPING  on full truckloads shipped anywhere in the continental United States.  A truckload contains 18 TOTES which is 4,500 gallons.  Our customers prefer the convenience of Totes that can be used with PIVOT irrigation systems or easily located throughout the property where the spray equipment is.  We use only new or food grate recycled Totes to ensure the quality of our product is protected.