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Commercial grower discounts are available for pre-season orders.  Volume pricing is available. 

Our customers benefit from additional savings by ordering early in the pre-season.   Quantity discounts are based on full truck load orders only and delivery can be scheduled in stages to multiple locations for your convenience.   Terms are available with credit approval on commercial orders.  Call us for details. Take advantage of these benefits and help your bottom line.


Convenient 2.5gal Jugs or 250gal Totes


There are two (2),  two and a half (2.5) gallon bottles in a CASE which weighs approximately 50 lbs.  There are thirty six (36) CASES on each pallet which weighs approximately 1,800 lbs. There are 250 gallons in a tote which weighs approximately 2.300 lbs.  There are 24 pallets per trailer load.   There are eighteen (18), 250 gallon totes per trailer load.   For Humic acid see our product page.  We offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental United States on full trailer loads only. Contact us for additional details.


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Convenient delivery and pick-up

We ship directly to your location in convenient recyclable 250 gallon IBC Totes equipped with a 2 inch cam lock fitting.   When you have 6 or more empty totes, we will pick them up for free.  Call us to schedule a FREE pick up.

We  also offer FREE SHIPPING  on full truckloads shipped anywhere in the continental United States.  A truckload contains 18 TOTES which is 4,500 gallons.  Our customers prefer the convenience of Totes that can be used with PIVOT irrigation systems or easily located throughout the property where the spray equipment is.  We use only new or food grate recycled Totes to ensure the quality of our product is protected.