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Nutrient availability is the key to a successful harvest. You can make your nutritional program work harder for you with Harvest Grow products.

Fertilizers require the soil to work effectively too. When the soil is out of balance, the plant can not function to its full capacity and the fertilizer can wash away before the plant can use it. Harvest Grow products improve soil fertility which helps the soil hold on to those nutrients and convert them into a form the plant can use.

Nutrients often require a process called chelation where the mineral is bonded, or chelated,  so the plant can absorb and use it. Some nutrients are already in that form, but not all of them. There are also loose nutrients in the soil that a chelator will grab on to and make available to the plant.  Harvest Grow nutrients include the use humates to help form these bonds and maximize nutrient availability.

Foliar applications of Harvest Grow chelated nutrients is essential because plants require many types of minerals and nutrients to function properly. Blackman's Law of Limiting Factors basically means "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link". To fill in those missing links, Harvest Grow uses Kelp which is loaded with chelated micronutrients. The plant can now grow to its full capacity producing more sugars and proteins for a nutrient rich harvest. This means more value for your yield at harvest time.  SugarFlo helps to ensure your foliar nutrition program has all the nutrients required for proper plant cellular development. 

Harvest Grow uses powerful chelators for better performance and yield.

This illustration shows how a chelator  helps to transfer a nutrient into the plant tissue (green area), then releases it for the plant to use.

Our Customers know they get the best with Harvest Grow

   Custom Blends

We will custom blend Macro and Micro nutrients with our proprietary formulas to meet your need. We will blend up to a 20-0-0 which is typically used for hay/grasses. Give us a call today!

Minimum order is Six ( 6 ) Totes of 250 gallons each. Pricing and application rates will vary depending on the use and application methods used. We start with our proprietary base formula and can add chelated nutrients, Macro nutrients and Micro nutrients. Because the solubility of each base product is at its maximum, adding additional nutrients may require application rates to vary..

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Nutrient Efficency Saves MONEY $$$

Improve Nitrogen efficiency,
drought tolerance, and reduce leaching.

Restoring or maintaining soil fertility will allow you to use less fertilizer year after year saving you time and money. Order a full truckload and we will save you more with free shipping.
Don't let your money leach away, keep it.