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Harvest Grow Plant and Soil Nutrition fertilizers are formulated to enhance foliar nutrient uptake, soil fertility and plant nutritional values in agricultural crops, citrus, fruit trees, vegetables, turfgrass and food plots.

Harvest Grows proprietary formulas provide essential macro and micronutrients required to improve seed development, deep healthy root growth, soil fertility, organic matter content, drought tolerance, nutrient uptake, and plant cellular development.  We sell our products directly to the grower, or through an authorized dealer to ensure our customers get the best products, service and price.  We offer free pick-up of used containers.  DirtFert, SugarFlo, Humic Kelp, Magnum Grow, Drag Slayer and Humic Acid each contain powerful nutrients essential to any fertility program.  Our products are formulated to be safe for the environment.     


Years of research has proven that our nutrients get results.  Our customers receive the highest quality humates, humic and fulvic acids, nitrogen, macro and micronutrients available today. 

Research proves that the optimal combination of macronutrients, micronutrients, humates, plant nutrients, application rates, soil biology, pH, porosity, aerobic bacteria and moisture are some of the factors that are essential to plant and soil fertility.  The soil and the plant rely on all of these factors working together to achieve a successful harvest.  Proven agricultural practices combined with the proper combination of nutrients, for the plant and the soil, generate strong yields and better nutritional values while improving soil fertility year after year.  Our customers are confident that their fertility program has the right nutrients to get results.

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Hold nutrients in the soil with Harvest Grow

Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)  is the  measurement of fertility, nutrient retention capacity, and the capacity to protect groundwater from cation contamination.   Clay and humus have electrostatic surface charges that attract nutrient ions, and hold them. This holding capacity varies for the different clay types and clay-blends present in soil, and is very dependent of the proportion of clay+ humus that is present in a particular soil. A way to increase CEC is to favor the formation of humus. .Cation exchange capacity is largely dependent on the amount of organic matter in the soil....

Organic Matter Content (OMC)   can be divided into three general pools: living biomass of microorganisms, fresh and partially decomposed residues, and humus: the well-decomposed organic matter and highly stable organic material. Surface litter is generally not included as part of soil organic matter. All the Harvest Grow products contain humus forms to assist with improving CEC and OMC.



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"Simply the best fertilizer products on the market.  Our crops are more drought tolerant and we have better nutrients and yields.  We also use MagnumGrow on our food plots too and have deer browsing all season long".   

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