Humates - Chelator Humic/Fulvic acids

Humic Acid Urea Coating Harvest Grow       

Harvest Grow Humates come from one of the richest sources available in the world, which happens to be in the United States. Do not settle for just any Humic Acid. One of the best ways to enhance the economics of farming is to build soil fertility with humus which improves microbial activity, that can be sustained year after year. Building levels of natural Humic Acids reduces the need for commercial fertilizers, because of improved fertilizer use efficiency. This benefit alone will reduce waste and the environmental concern of leaching fertilizers and pesticides into the water table and surface waters. Reduction in tillage costs, improved water utilization and increases in plant quality and yields will have a direct impact on your bottom line, and you’ll see the results rapidly. Most insects tend to stay away from high-energy plants which have a strengthened immune system as a result of the presence of Humic and Fulvic Acids and the increased nutrient content they deliver to the plant. Finally, research shows that plants treated with humates have more stress tolerance to heat, draught and nutrient shortages, thus assuring a more successful crop and higher yield. Because Harvest Grow Humates offer an economical solution to your numerous challenges, it’s an investment you should consider, and a return you’ll welcome.

Watch out for imposters!  Liquid products DO NOT contain 100% humic/fulvic acid and dry products DO NOT contain 100% humic/fulvic acids.   It's just impossible!
Leonardite Shale is  NOT the same as HUMIC/FULVIC Acid.  Leonardite shale contains various concentrations of humates.  Harvest Grow has the real 70% high grade humic/fulvic acid.


  •           Long and short chain organic (humic) compounds, enzymes and proteins
  •           Numerous cation and anion exchange sites
  •           Capacity to organically complex mineral nutrients
  •           Ability to hold nitrogen in the soil
  •           Ability to increase the soil's water holding capacity
  •           Provide the environment and stimulus for microbial activity
  •           Contain secondary micronutrients necessary for plant life

Humic acids are colloids and behave somewhat like clays, even though the nomenclature suggests that they are acids and form true salts. When the cation exchange sites on the humic molecule are filled predominantly with hydrogen ions, the material is considered to be an acid and is named accordingly. However, it has no great effect on pH because the acid is insoluble in water. When the predominant cation on the exchange sites is other then hydrogen, the material is called humate. The humates of monovalent alkali metals are soluble in water, but the humates of multivalent metals are insoluble. Apart from their effect on the solubility of the materials and their absorption by clays, the different cations have little effect on the humic molecules.

Humates also contain Fulvic Acid.  Fulvic Acid has always been present in plants and soils, yet only recently has it been recognized for its incredible value in energizing cell life among plants. Our Humates are particularly high in the all-important Fulvic Acid fraction, which stays in solution even in strongly acidic conditions and will bring otherwise insoluble fractions of metal micronutrients and phosphorus into solution. This allows your plants to directly and readily absorb them, while producing a healthy, hormone-like effect that has an immediate positive effect on most crops.


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Increased crop yield
Increased root growth
Increased Chlorophyll content
Increased nutrient uptake
Improved plant quality
Enhanced natural defenses
Improved soil structure
Improved water retention
Differing soil pH


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