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Production growers know that regular fertilizer is often not enough to get big yields and the highest value from their crops.  Microorganisms, soil moisture, aggregate, porosity, cation exchange capacity, organic matter, heavy metals, salts, pH and weather all play a key role in the success or failure of their crop when it is harvest time.  By using DirtFert, SugarFlo, HumicKelp+, Drag Slayer, Humic acid, and Magnum Grow, our customers know they are getting the best nutrients in a form that will work harder for them every day and every season.

Farming is hard enough without having to worry if your nutrients are working.  Harvest Grow products have what it takes to make your fertilizers work harder.  They hold nutrients in the soil and stimulate soil fertility and plant health.  Your grandfather knew how important soil fertility is, that's why they spread manure, left organic matter in the fields and talked about top soil.  But things have changed since his time, some things for the better and some things not.  As a result, in many areas, soil has become depleted, heavy metals have built up and organic mater is inert because of salt buildup, over fertilizing, over farming, and chemicals.  The soil has simply shut it down.   We have to increase plant density, irrigation, fertilizer and rotate crops just to maintain production. 

By restoring and building up the soils natural fertility, some of these problems can be corrected.  But you have to give the soil and microorganisms something to work with.  Harvest Grow products do just that.  They contain humus, organic plant matter and many macro and micronutrients need by the plant...and the soil.  Soil will find its own "balance" when provided with the right nutrients and the plant will absorb nutrients as it needs it.  Harvest Grow products help to restore soil fertility thereby making more nutrients available to the plant when it needs it.

Harvest Grow products can be applied in any soil type, climate zone, or altitude.  Apply as a foliar spray anytime during the growing season, even when the plant is fruiting.  When planting, for best results apply in furrow with the seed to help with germination.  Banding, or side dressing is also effective.  For correcting general soil conditions, spray over soil and lightly disc in.  At the end of the season after harvest,  spray on the soil then disc in with crop residue to stimulate microbial activity and help break down organic matter. 

We do not recommend adding additional Nitrogen when applying our products.  The reason is that powerful chelators multiply then Nitrogen efficiency by a factor of 2-5 times.  The chelators help reduce runoff and hold the Nitrogen in the soil.  So you are not losing as much Nitrogen to leaching and runoff as you might with other fertilizers.  You actually use what you pay for.  If you add additional Nitrogen you run the risk of burning, so test a small area first, or apply additional Nitrogen as needed at least 2 weeds after applying Harvest Grow Products. 

All our products are flow able and can be applied through pivots, drip irrigation, sprinkler systems and hydroponics. 

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