DragSlayer 0-0-1   Fights yield Drag

The chemical glyphosate is not the cause of yield drag. Glyphosate is a powerful chelator, so it binds with micronutrients and reduces their availability to the plant. The plant needs those micronutrients, particularly calcium and manganese, to produce crucial enzymes (EPSPS) for its immunity to pathogens. Glyphosate also strongly stimulates the growth of pathogens like fusarium and pythium. This lack of availability of essential micronutrients to make enzymes for immune protection combined with the growth of pathogens, causes the plant to become weakened and the result is commonly referred to as “yield drag”.

The plant now works harder to seek secondary metabolic pathways to produce these necessary enzymes that it can’t produce when micronutrients aren’t available.  This effort by the plant, instead of just growing normally, adds to the problem of yield drag.  Manganese and Iron in DragSlayer help free those pathways allowing the plant to feed.

DRAG-SLAYER helps to tie up those antagonistic ions allowing micronutrients to be available to the plant while allowing the Glyphosate to work effectively resulting in :

Reduction of the amount of glyphosate needed by keeping the molecule more available, i.e. free from the ions in the water;

Improve the efficiency of the glyphosate by keeping it freed up;

Keeps micronutrients available to the crop for improved crop health;

Counteracts yield drag by avoiding the temporary “shut down” the plant experiences right after herbicide applications by allowing the plant to feed normally;

Provide a stimulus and environment for beneficial microbes to out-compete and kill those pathogens thereby improving the overall soil health and environment;

Prevent and reduce problems with sudden death syndrome in beans from the residual effects of glyphosate, namely the pathogen problems.

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