DirtFert 3-0-1   Plant and Soil Nutrition


DIRTFERT provides essential nutrients to both the plant and the soil.  It is packed with Macro and Micronutrients resulting in a powerful and effective optimizer for all types of crops and soil.  It unlocks additional nutrients in the soil allowing for more oxygen, carbon and Nitrogen to be available.  It helps to balance PH and will give your plants a healthy environment to thrive.

DIRTFERT restores and maintains health and fertility in all soil types.  It feeds important soil microorganisms, improves tilth, and restores soil to a nutrient rich source of food for all your plants, trees, vegetables and crops.   Roots need good soil to thrive and DirtFert will not only restore depleted soil, but it will also feed the roots.

DIRTFERT should be incorporated into the soil and used as a foliar spray during the growing season. Use it in furrow at planting time to help seeds get a great start after germinating without burning.    Your crops will be more tolerant to drought and temperature.   Use it as a side dressing on row crops, soil conditioner, foliar spray to feed the plant all season long.  It can easily be mixed other nutrients or controls.   DirtFert is flow able and it works great in pivots and commercial sprayers.

DirtFert has nitrogen in it.  We do not recommend adding additional nitrogen because the efficiency factor is approximately 3-5 times more potent.

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Convenient delivery and pick-up

We ship directly to your location in convenient recyclable 250 gallon IBC Totes equipped with a 2 inch cam lock fitting.   When you have 6 or more empty totes, we will pick them up for free.  Call us to schedule a FREE pick up.

We  also offer FREE SHIPPING  on full truckloads shipped anywhere in the continental United States.  A truckload contains 18 TOTES which is 4,500 gallons.  Our customers prefer the convenience of Totes that can be used with PIVOT irrigation systems or easily located throughout the property where the spray equipment is.  We use only new or food grate recycled Totes to ensure the quality of our product is protected.