The Harvest Grow Advantage

 Harvest Grow makes liquid foliar plant and soil fertilizers with chelated micronutrients for all agricultural crops, citrus, fruit and nut trees, vegetables, turfgrass, wildlife habitat food plots... More

Feed the PLANT

Effective nutrient uptake by  plants foliage and roots is critical.  A chelated foliar nutrition program  can even help with citrus greening especially when... More

Feed the SOIL

Soil microorganisms can convert nutrients  into a form that the plant or trees can absorb.  Soil fertility is improved by having the right combination of... More

Our Products

Macro and micronutrients combine with chelators, humic and fulvic acids, nitrogen efficiency optimizers grow better yields, landscapes, gardens and green healthy turf... More

Find your crop

Our products work on all types of crops, trees, citrus, and turfgrass, in all types of soil and in all types of climates.  Dirtfert, SugarFlo, Magnum Grow, Humic Kelp, Drag Slayer... More

Order Direct

Save time and money when planting, growing and harvesting crops.  Our customers enjoy the benefit of ordering direct ... More

Our Growers have the competitive edge

strawberries sugarbeets peas oranges

Harvest Grow uses only the best Plant and Soil Nutrient sources available to produce the highest quality products for our customers the world over.

Whether you need a few gallons, or multiple trailer loads for your operation, Harvest Grow will meet your needs.  Our growers save time and money by ordering directly from our manufacturing facility ensuring that they are getting the best product, service and price.
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